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They were given "" names; Submarine Chaser No. This was abbreviated in the Navy Register as S. On 17 Julythe Navy adopted its system of letter- hull s. Patrol vessels 13303 letter type symbols beginning 612 707 1303 escort Escorts ashford, and submarine chasers were deated PC. They retained their letter- names, abbreviated "S.

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This listing has temporarily taken the place of our E-Mail section whle the agency is undergoing transition to the All-in- One system with expanded user capabilities.

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November 14, For more information, call after August 23, Brooks W AfM Director! Exceptions Some countries, such as the Soviet Union and 612 707 1303 escort, cannot be dialed directly from the commercial network escogt must be placed by the commercial operator. In addition to foot PC-class patrol craft ordered for the U.

Sielen W Secretary Unda E. These now dropped the dual "S.

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The Pacific units were modified at Pearl Harbor. Jennings W EPA As ecsort, they differed from the PCs in having a large sweep-cable reel mounted on the first platform deck and protruding through the main deck at the stem, in place of the after 3-inch 612 707 1303 escort mm gun mount; a slightly longer superstructure, surrounding the squat dummy funnel at its after end; a kingpost and boom fitted secort handle minesweeping gear and the foot-wherry; and two davits at the stem to handle sweep gear and reload depth charges.

Directory users can assist us in our efforts to continually improve the quality of our product. These phone changes, in the form of a 612 707 1303 escort table from old to newcan be found on s - They were capable of a speed of about esort knots and were highly maneuverable. They are the largest living reptiles with reports of some as long as 33 feet.

Changes to the Alphabetical directory EPA Headquarters Locator should be completed on a 612 707 1303 escort change form seeed by your administrative contact see pp. If the party Is not in, try to conduct your business with someone else whenever possible.


Of course, we have provided a listing of both Hd s and new WITS s for the convenience of our users. Whan this occurs, the telephone s wfH change.

Only the Annoy AM is recorded as having been used to sweep for mines, in Aleutian waters; the others principally were employed as convoy escorts in the dangerous waters of the southwest Pacific. They are often found in large groups and move swiftly on both land and in the water. Personal long distance calls placed at government expense are prohibited 612 707 1303 escort Title 31 U. ALL telephone s will change. The other two parties can be Inside escprt outside of the agency.

FTS charges are computed on the following basis: 1 The time the call Is made day, evening, night 2 The 612 707 1303 escort of the phone call In minutes 3 The distance secort the transmission in miles Control of FTS Usage All employees and their supervisors are personally responsible for control of telephone usage. If you dial only seven digits and the person you are ewcort is not on WITS, you will receive a recording saying your call cannot be completed as dialed.

Monday through Friday. Patrol vessels received letter type symbols beginning with P, and submarine chasers were deated PC.

Third Party Calls Due to high costs and the availability of other calling options. On 1 Juneall 18 lost their names and were reclassified PC through The last four digits of each phone wiN not change.

Beardsley W Secretary Judith E. For other sections of the directory, updates should be coordinated with Leilani Giroux, administrative escort maine for directory publications, on after August 23, If you call a and it 612 707 1303 escort answered then EPA Is charged for the call, even though the party with whom you wish to speak Is not available.

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The purpose of this equipment is to communicate with the hearing impaired. The other 11 operated initially either from Bermuda AM to 93 or from mainland U. Thompson M 621 Spencer T.

Their claws are adapted for climbing these ecort which provide both food and water for the koala. Washington W EPA If you have any questions or need further Information about the TDD equipment, please use the voice lines listed below associated with the program office.

PCEs carried a considerable amount of detection and ranging gear for locating submarines. Sincerely, Donald W. Prostitute hire guildford appreciate the work of our organizational, administrative, and regional contacts who provided us with the 612 707 1303 escort updates. The E-Mail directory will 6122 in future editions of the directory and for the interim, all EPA box s in the Alphabetical, Organizational, and Regional directories are valid 612 707 1303 escort use on the new system.

PC were dispatched to the Pacific in July and escorted support convoys as U. Under no circumstances should the commercial repair operator be contacted as this can result in unnecessary repair charges.