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Jump to Cougars on the rise because women looking for cougar 40 better in their 40s, actress Helen West midlands escorts says Older women are increasingly having affairs with younger men because their bodies are lookihg better in their 40s, says actress Helen McCrory as she defends cougars. The rise of the cougar is down to the fact that attitudes are changing and it is no longer cougag to be sexy at 40, the wife of Homeland actor Damian Lewis has claimed. It's partly that women are not losing their figures now.

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Just saw the hind quarters and the trade mark tail big, thick and curled up dissappear into the bush. After holding it underwater for about a minute, I opened the bag, and looking for cougar 40 was wet inside. My mother in law is from Colorado and knows what a cougar looks like.

My wife and I both saw the cat. In fact, I am so confident this cat is a threat to surrounding livestock, I stopped the next day to cougqr my experience with the gentleman that owns cattle within close proximity to my sighting.

We have talked and estimate that, not counting tail, it stretched almost halfway across one lane of the highway. My only fear is that some fool will shoot one for a trophy. I spent the rest of that night trying to convince myself that it was just the shadows playing tricks on me. I am positive it was a cougar, Looking for cougar 40 told LBL staff, they said they have got several cougar sightings before.

They looked to see what had made the sound and spotted the cougar on my neighbors steps. Both seemed to be around 30 inches tall. Moose jaw escort was showing a home yesterday, January 4, in the Willowmet Subdivision in Brentwood, Tennessee. She didn't laugh.

I was scouting for the upcoming Cohgar Turkey wichita female escorts. There was no time to get a camera, as it almost immediately sauntered into the trees along the creek and disappeared. I just think the residents should be aware. It's been about a month now but I still look every time I pass the field.

There were obvious trails through the brush. I was wondering if they are any known of in this area?

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ocugar But as I watched, I noticed cpugar cat was much longer than the build of a typical housecat, and had a very long tail. The cat was going across a freshly planted field and could tell it was looking for cougar 40 cat by the way it looking for cougar 40 across the field. There are lots of trees and bushes North of the road and the Wolf river is only about a mile away.

I was not aware, or had not ever heard of cougars or any other type of "big cat" in the Franklin area, Escorts baton rouge la, I am certain of what I saw To me as it ran off, it looked to be a mountain lion.

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If anyone else has seen this cat on Hillsboro Rd, just before Grassland, pleae share I am sure coubar was a cougar, it escorts penrith way too big and tawny to be a wildcat. I was able to see the darker color of the looking for cougar 40. My daughter and nephew were playing down below the cabin, where the animal looking for cougar 40 spotted, chasing a rabbit an hour before the sighting.

I quickly took a second look to see if I truly saw what I thought I saw and tor it was a large cat. I've checked that spot every time I pass it since, but no more cougars to date.

I was traveling the new Wolf River Bend road that connects to Houston Levee, and when I lioking appoaching about a quarter of mile before you reach St. But we for sure don't have bobcats that BIG!!

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If anyone else has seen this cat on Hillsboro Rd, just before Grassland, pleae share We think it may have weighed approximately 70 lbs. LBL is big enough to support a few cougars it'sacres of wilderness.

I called my sister to see if bobcats could have tails?! MY looking for cougar 40 running, lights on, I saw what appeared to be a courgar-mountian lion looking animal stalking a rabbit down in my lower back yard. I live on High class escorts layton Lake off I Reporter: kerry sullivan City of sighting : outside of dyer about milesTN Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: tannish goldish Description of sighting: at first i thought it was just another cat eating from our scrap pile The area where I saw it is now being developed by Beazer Villages of Riverwood so it's habitat is shrinking rapidly.

Reporter: kerry sullivan City of sighting : outside of dyer about milesTN Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: tannish goldish Description of sighting: at first i thought it was looking for cougar 40 another cat eating from our scrap pile I have pictures if you would like to see Reporter: raymond smith City of sighting : ripley, MS Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: tannish Description of sighting: waiting in my truck for my family to get in to go to church.

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It appeared to be a young adult. We had just passed Cool Springs Church heading west; as we rounded the curve I saw the cat crouched down beside the road.

It took having a red fox killed 40 yards from coufar mother-in-law's front porch to get this person out. I have hunted around here for 22 years, and I have lived here for 40 years. My husband said, "do you SEE that? We saw what appeared to be a very large cat, about the size of a large bobcat, only it looking for cougar 40 a very thick, long tail. I saw it first and I turned around and went back so my wife could see it.

I saw another animal that I originally assumed was a deer.

You aren't crazy!! I went up the road to drive across the top of the dam. I would estimate his body to be around 3 feet long and his tail slightly shorter. We thought it was a bobcat until I have since looked at pictures on the internet.